Character Design & Animation

See how we created a CG version of superstar Kevin Durant for Bleacher Report, including: character design, texturing, unwrapping, rigging and facial morphs, and animation.

Product Renderings

Product animations are extremely important because they allow your product to come to life in a way that could not be captured by traditional film. By using the latest hardware and software, we are able to create photo-real renderings.

Promos, On-Air and Online

Promos are a great way to literally "promote" new content within your brand. We work on many promos, both on-air and online, for a wide variety of clients and products.

Check out one of our latest promos for Nickelodeon, in which we helped promote their annual Halloween special!

Mobile Games and Apps

As mobile games and apps continue to grow, we strive to stay ahead of the ever-evolving industry. Similar to promos, we also help visualize your finished app in a way that gets users excited!

Check out the example on the left, where we brought Nickelodeon's latest app content to life for the video preview in the iTunes Store.

Show Packages

We have done many show opens and complete package designs for both on-air and online shows.

Show open, Bumpers & Idents, Wipes & Transitions, Front Ends, Custom video mortise, In-studio graphics, Lower thirds, bugs and violators, Specialty graphics, Custom toolkit for easy updates

Logo Designs

Take a look at our latest design project with Nickelodeon to see the variety of button designs, along with the final version online now.

Live Events

We completed all of the sponsor-activation animations to go in the brand new Golden 1 Center for the Sacramento Kings NBA team. These animations play on every LED screen within the arena during the games. We also created separate animations for special events as well as custom content for the jumbotron screen.


In-Studio Matrix Animations

In-studio animations typically relate to sports, where designs and animations are used around the studio and behind the on-air talent. Many of the show packages we work on will also include in-studio animations to tie everything together.

VR and 360 Videos

360 videos are typically found on Youtube and Facebook, and you can use your mouse or mobile device to look around and explore the content more in-depth. If you have a device like Google Cardboard, you can take that content one step further. We are currently working in 360/VR, and can now give your viewers a truly engaging experience.

Sports Specialty Graphics

Stats, stats and more stats! We work with a lot of sports brands, so we are very familiar with how the industry works. Specialty graphics allow your brand to really stand out and show off player stats and comparisons in a totally unique way.

Interactive Augmented Reality

Let your audience truly interact with your product using AR! Here’s a sample of a 3D product we created that can be embedded on any website, and the viewer has full control over exploring it, zooming in to details etc. We also included annotations to highlight specific details, and CTA such as links to purchase.