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Our Process

Some know exactly what they want to do, and they just need help executing the project. Others come with a blank page and look to us for the entire production. We have proven time and time again that we can help no matter the need.


Concept and Strategy

We love making things LOOK awesome, but also understand just how important it is for things to make sense and relate back to your product and purpose.


Design and Style Frames

Whether you want one concept or a few to choose from, we will provide style frames that will walk you through the entire project. We love to keep our clients involved at every step of the way; so there is never a moment when your time will be wasted.


2D Animation

2D Animation is a very important part of our process. Sometimes the project just calls for 2D animation, whether that means hand illustrated and animated in After Effects, or the popular "kinetic type" animations. We've done it all, from the HBO Feature Presentation to the Major League Baseball All Star Game.


3D Animation

We love 3D. We love pushing the boundaries and believe there to be no limits. When we conceptualize a project, we often know when a 2D approach or 3D approach will be more beneficial. We take pride in staying one step ahead of the trends, and in always having the latest hardware and software to create high-end content no matter the product.


3D Modeling and Environments

3D modeling allows us to re-create anything we need.

Nearly all of the 3D you see in our projects are custom built and tailored to your specific project. No idea is too big.


Green Screen, Composite & VFX

We work extensively with high end green screen footage, from Major League Baseball's All-Stars to some of Nickelodeon's top talent.

Whether you need a more simple 2D composite or an entire 3D world constructed such that the green screen talent can walk around and interact with that world, we've got you covered.

3D Retopology and Textures

We know what it takes to make things look great, and often times it’s processes that are never seen.